Friday, April 30, 2010

it's not eco-but it's green.

Snot is a commonly addressed issue. I also kiss a number of owies ever day. Sometimes I get the two mixed up. Yesterday, Magdelyn came running into the kitchen with her hand outstretched saying "uh oh." I instinctively bent down to kiss it. My lips came away damp just in time for her to say, booger. Sick.

She's very bothered by things that are yucky, and she's placed snot into this category. We had breakfast sausage for lunch this week and got a crumble of it on her finger. She stretched her hand out to me and said "booger." She took a closer look at it and said "meat booger." Clever. It did look very much like a meat booger.

Last week she held perfectly still to let me put a pair of tweezers up her nose to grab a booger that was too high for me to reach. I have never once fought to wipe her nose or her face. If it's dirty, she wants it cleaned.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last weekend we celebrated our 9th anniversary (April 28th) with our first ever 'just us' family vacation. Prior to Magdelyn our Seattle vacations consisted of rock concerts, poker, and sporting events. This year we went to the Zoo and then we went swimming.

The Seattle Zoo is INCREDIBLE. She was in awe that her story book animals were coming to life. She chanted "more animals!" throughout the 4 hours we spent there.

A gorilla and her baby.

Peguins, right up close.

Crocodiles (her new favorite animal sound, which includes hand action, is SNAP!)

Every once and awhile we had to run to keep up.

She fearlessly fed the bird 'dinner.'


Elmer the Elephant (since returning home she's called every elephant 'Elmer')

We made it to the flamingo enclosure just in time to see a flamingo couple fornicating and a family next to us being forced into an impromptu sexual education discussion with their grade schooler. Awesome.

A few lions sun tanning.

We went back to our condo in time for her nap (Tim worked out - I went shopping) and when she awoke, SWIMMING!

The only down side was that she puked on the way there, poor carsick little thing. Besides that, it was a perfect 2 night get away. I heart Seattle.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Icing on the cake

Everyday feels like icing. But a picnic on the beach with the Emme's on a warm spring evening? That's icing on the icing. Little miss must-be-clean even played!

This is Emme #3. She's nearly dropped the Emme now in favor of actually calling him Ryder. She LOVES him and he's SO good to her. Seriously, if I could have kids as kind and gentle as the Emme's I'd be a very very happy mom.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh my.

Tim and Jer are in L.A. right now to watch the canucks. What a couple of jet setters. Tim has been periodically sending pictures to keep us posted on the girls their hooking up with. This email was entitled "Jeremy's first score of the trip"

The next ones subject was "my first hook-up (recognize her?)

I knew I'd seen her before but it took me about 10 minutes of not thinking about it for my brain to find the file where her name was stored. Do you recognize her?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

no pictures

I didn't take any good pictures this week. I liked the week. I like every week these days. I baked buns. I baked bread. I made yummy dinners. I painted my nails. I watched my favorite shows thanks to PVR. I went to Yoga. I went for a hike. I visited with friends. Today I watched Ryder and Spencer in the morning. We went to the park and then had sandwiches for lunch. After Magdelyns nap I pushed her stroller to the store (2 major hills away), and then visited Oma and Opa (at her request). Oma asked about the day and then said, "my you had a busy day"

...busy? We went for 2 walks. Is that busy? Not in the world I came from.

My 2 favorite magdelyn moments of the week:

Her newest favorite phrase in response to her dinner is "it's hot." Even if it's straight from the fridge, If the food comes from my plate, "it's hot." To assure her it's not too hot, we must puff on it for a few seconds and then taste test it ourselves. She's royalty after all, who knows what sort of poison is being snuck into her food. She asked for my hand when we were walking down the stairs this week and then sat her bum down hard, and whined. "It's hot." What's hot? my hand? "yeah." My hand was too hot. What? Am I supposed to taste my hand before I give it to her now?

On our walk today she belted out E-I-E-I-O perfectly. In tune even. I'd sing the rest and she'd join in for this part and the Moo. Every once and awhile she'd throw a "donald" in, but her favorite part was definitely the EIEIO.

And the 2 requests I hear every morning as I get her out of her crib are: Deo (video) and Emme (which is code for any of the Wiebe children). Deo and Emme.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why all the vacuuming?

We had our caregroup over last night. I'd vacuumed before they arrived. They're a tidy group of people. They didn't wear their shoes into my house. They left my place in good repair. It wasn't a wild party.

This morning, after I'd helped Magdelyn out of her slipper jammies, she headed barefoot down the stairs and took no more then 1 or 2 steps onto the hard wood floor before she called me over to point out "yuckies." These were the yuckies she disapproved of:

It's hard to keep up with my little neat freak.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

If mommy does it...

then I'd better too.

This vacuum attachment is the perfect size for her. I love this stage and I'm so glad that this is the sort of thing we get to do all day. Spend copious amounts of time - vacuuming.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Magdelyn 'got' Easter this year. She called out HAPPY! as we were welcomed into my parents home for the annual Easter Egg hunt. As my brother reviewed the rules, she snuck to the front of the line and barreled out the door when he opened it. She didn't know what she was looking for until we pointed her in the right direction, but was right in the game when she wasn't being distracted by the swing or rocks.

She'd practiced the night before at the Epp family easter egg hunt. She shares the attention at the Wiebe household with five other cousins, but at the Epp egg hunt - she was the sole participant.

Exciting green gummy bear.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Side Effect

of breakfast with a runny nose.