Who Am I?

It's the question every social networking site seems to want to know.  It's intimidating, really.  This 'about me' question.  I get that it's generics your looking for - but how does one condense without being trite?  Can I bullet it?     

  • Female.  Married.  To Tim.
  • I once owned a business and then I sold it.  I liked both.  The owning and the selling. 
  • By the time I was 30 I'd gotten a college degree, had 3 careers, and a baby. 
  • I'm currently unemployed and not on social assistance of any kind.  I'm officially a kept women. 
  • I used to wonder if I was the marrying or baby making type.  Turns out I am. 
  • I like to clean more then I like to tidy.
  • I honestly can't always remember how old I am.  I was born in 1978, but I'm not that quick with math.
  • I love my family, I love my church, I love my friends.  But if I do any of that well it's probably because first I loved the Lord.  
  • Don't be fooled, not every part of my life is orderly.  (Why is this coffee cup in the cupboard and full of moldy coffee?)