Do It Yourself?

Why do I bother doing it myself when so many people are willing to do it for me? 4 reasons: 

1.  I've just never been able to stop myself from thinking "I can totally do that."  Despite my self confidence it sometimes turns out that I actually can't.  My failures have never discouraged this manner of thinking.     

2.  I moved and upon doing so encountered someone else's disgusting grime covering my new-to-me shower floor.  I spent 2 weeks letting chemicals and bleaches try to soak it off.  I scrubbed with closed eyes to avoid my retina's being burnt out by the fumes and held my breath as best I could to keep the noxious gases out of my lungs.  I didn't care.  I love a clean shower.

Nothing worked so I called my mom. Have you heard of her? She's one of the almost famous Mennonite Girls.  Lady loves a clean shower too. 

She suggested I try baking soda and vinegar.  2 foaming minutes later my 'stained' shower was clean with almost no elbow grease used at all.  It made me feel a bit betrayed by Mr Clean and Vim and straight up bleach. 

3.  I once owned a store.  While in business I was made keenly aware that due to about 50million FDA and CFG and ABC regulations that I don't understand, all sorts of preservatives are put into products so that their compounds remain unchanged after sitting on a store shelf for 20 years. Helpful. To the store. To me? I'm not sure especially since I figured out that Vim has been lying to me all these years.  Since then I go the perservative free route when it's convenient.  I still love a hot dog. 
4.  and I'll admit...I have a bit of extra time on my hands.