Saturday, September 12, 2009

A good one

I woke up with the early birds this morning. I was a bit cold, and suddenly an extra blanket was being laid over top of me. I swear he reads my mind.

He's such a good one.

Every night Tim picks his clothes out and puts them in the living room so as to disturb me as little as possible, just in case Maelyn sleeps past 6:30am. She generally doesn't, but he's ready to let me sleep just in any case.

Today it seemed especially sweet. Maelyn was talking in her crib, and I lay awake under an extra blanket and appreciated him as he quietly got ready. When I got up I melted when I saw this on the counter:

He remembered I was running a Sumas errand today and he had my passport and Maelyn's birth certificate set out for me. He knows me so well. (I have, indeed, ended up at the border without...)