Thursday, July 23, 2009


I swear my baby is going to drown herself. I can't keep her face out of the water! A few days ago she dipped her face in past her nose (leaning straight over forward) and before I could grab her she had breathed in a chest full of H2O. Next bath, she leaned so far over her whole body flipped so she was lying face down in the tub -- being that I was right there (my hands were on her whileshe was on the way over) I grabbed her right out. She was hysterical on both occasions and calmed down only when I put her back into the tub to play. She loves the water and gets so excited about it she's pretty sure a lung full is a good idea. The more the merrier right? She even goes straight into the shower already. I gotta get this girl swimming lessons or she'll kill herself. How early can a kid learn to hold their breath?