Friday, April 30, 2010

it's not eco-but it's green.

Snot is a commonly addressed issue. I also kiss a number of owies ever day. Sometimes I get the two mixed up. Yesterday, Magdelyn came running into the kitchen with her hand outstretched saying "uh oh." I instinctively bent down to kiss it. My lips came away damp just in time for her to say, booger. Sick.

She's very bothered by things that are yucky, and she's placed snot into this category. We had breakfast sausage for lunch this week and got a crumble of it on her finger. She stretched her hand out to me and said "booger." She took a closer look at it and said "meat booger." Clever. It did look very much like a meat booger.

Last week she held perfectly still to let me put a pair of tweezers up her nose to grab a booger that was too high for me to reach. I have never once fought to wipe her nose or her face. If it's dirty, she wants it cleaned.


  1. sounds like mike. he always wants to show me his boogers too.

  2. I don't know what I enjoy most about these pictures. Sweet little Magdelyn, or the proof of Tim doing the dishes.


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