Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last weekend we celebrated our 9th anniversary (April 28th) with our first ever 'just us' family vacation. Prior to Magdelyn our Seattle vacations consisted of rock concerts, poker, and sporting events. This year we went to the Zoo and then we went swimming.

The Seattle Zoo is INCREDIBLE. She was in awe that her story book animals were coming to life. She chanted "more animals!" throughout the 4 hours we spent there.

A gorilla and her baby.

Peguins, right up close.

Crocodiles (her new favorite animal sound, which includes hand action, is SNAP!)

Every once and awhile we had to run to keep up.

She fearlessly fed the bird 'dinner.'


Elmer the Elephant (since returning home she's called every elephant 'Elmer')

We made it to the flamingo enclosure just in time to see a flamingo couple fornicating and a family next to us being forced into an impromptu sexual education discussion with their grade schooler. Awesome.

A few lions sun tanning.

We went back to our condo in time for her nap (Tim worked out - I went shopping) and when she awoke, SWIMMING!

The only down side was that she puked on the way there, poor carsick little thing. Besides that, it was a perfect 2 night get away. I heart Seattle.


  1. haha! fornicating. such a funny word. tina and damir saw a monkey couple fornicating at the prague zoo and *of course* she was just about to take a photo, but the male saw her, got sooo mad and ran up to her and yelled and hit the glass!! he was maaaaD!! how dare she interrupt him while he's trying to get it on. ha!

    so good that you guys got a seattle family trip! magdelyn has so much beautiful, curly hair! so precious. i love that first photo of her.

    miss and love you guys.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Hope you guys will want to go to Seattle again soon, we're hoping for another trip for a mariners game.

  3. Happy Anniversary my friend. Sounds like a perfect family get away! I love you!


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