Saturday, April 17, 2010

no pictures

I didn't take any good pictures this week. I liked the week. I like every week these days. I baked buns. I baked bread. I made yummy dinners. I painted my nails. I watched my favorite shows thanks to PVR. I went to Yoga. I went for a hike. I visited with friends. Today I watched Ryder and Spencer in the morning. We went to the park and then had sandwiches for lunch. After Magdelyns nap I pushed her stroller to the store (2 major hills away), and then visited Oma and Opa (at her request). Oma asked about the day and then said, "my you had a busy day"

...busy? We went for 2 walks. Is that busy? Not in the world I came from.

My 2 favorite magdelyn moments of the week:

Her newest favorite phrase in response to her dinner is "it's hot." Even if it's straight from the fridge, If the food comes from my plate, "it's hot." To assure her it's not too hot, we must puff on it for a few seconds and then taste test it ourselves. She's royalty after all, who knows what sort of poison is being snuck into her food. She asked for my hand when we were walking down the stairs this week and then sat her bum down hard, and whined. "It's hot." What's hot? my hand? "yeah." My hand was too hot. What? Am I supposed to taste my hand before I give it to her now?

On our walk today she belted out E-I-E-I-O perfectly. In tune even. I'd sing the rest and she'd join in for this part and the Moo. Every once and awhile she'd throw a "donald" in, but her favorite part was definitely the EIEIO.

And the 2 requests I hear every morning as I get her out of her crib are: Deo (video) and Emme (which is code for any of the Wiebe children). Deo and Emme.

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  1. Ahhhhh, I so love reading this blog. Funny thing is Cole has done stuff like that too and it really does melt my heart. Today he gave, well let Allie see "Fuzzy" and "puppy" on her bouncy chair. I love being a mom!


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