Monday, June 28, 2010


The only ribbon that stays in my toddlers hair secures around her head with a cord lock, one of these:


I bought one like this off etsy about a year ago to see how it was put together.  The research cost me $14.99, and I got around to making my own about a year later.  Now we have a drawer full of them, at about .50 cents a piece. 

Easy to secure with no pulling, pinching or cajoling necessary.  Best yet, they stay put through the most rigorous 2 year old activities, car seat rides, birthday parties, the church nursery, you name it.  They're so versatile, we can both get away with wearing them.  Though I'm prone to leaving the hearts and stripes for her. 

Supplies needed:

  • Ribbon (the ribbon retreat is a great site with wholesale prices)

  • Cord Locks (ebay or Joannes Fabrics)

  • Masking tape

  • Silicone (Home Hardware)

  • Popsicle stick (or other knife/utensil you don't care about)
After generously snipping the ribbons (they can be 'pruned' later) lay them upside down on a masking tape tray.  Run a strip of silicone along the backs and smear it out with a popsicle stick.  Don't be intimidated by the silicone dispenser shown below, silicone also comes in easy squeeze tubes, this is just what we happened to have.  Let it dry overnight.

WHY SILICONE?  This keeps the ribbon from slipping off and makes it more difficult for curious little hands to nudge it off kilter.  My $14.99 dollar version didn't include this and even walking made it slip off. 

Now your ribbon ends are ready to be shoved through the locks, for an easy, adjustable and snug fit that almost any child will let you secure. 

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