Friday, June 4, 2010

If at first you succeed only marginally...

Try try again. (if a DIY is a total bust I just throw up the white flag.) My Do It Youself projects generally require a number of attempts and tweaks and are always inspired by:

1. Things I can't find
2. Things I can't afford (or can make for way less)

And so enters the story of my d.i.y MANGO FROZEN YOGURT, and no it can't just be found at the grocery store. Grocery store varities taste so artifical I don't even think mango is in the ingredients. But once, once when I was pregnant I found two containers of Hagen Daas Mango Frozen yogurt and I've been searching for it ever since.

What's a girl that pines for discontinued hagen daas mango frozen yogurt to do? Make her own.

The recipe implied that all you needed was a freezer. Maybe I heard wrong, but they even seemed to discourage ice cream makers in favor of this more simple method. I'm prone to fighting with contraptions so I was all for simple. Here's how it went:

3c Mango cubed (about 2)
1/3c berry sugar (instantly dissolves so it grainy)
1tbsp lemon juice
1c balkan (or plain) yogurt (Balkan is just a bit creamier)

Blend or process it all together and pour into plastic-wrap lined baking pan

Freeze it for 1.5 hours. Break it into chunks and re blend.

Freeze till firm in an air tight container.

I nailed the flavor. BANG! But it came out of the freezer hard as a rock. I spent the next week chiseling this snack into my mouth. Apparently freezers don't just automatically turn mango yogurt mush into a smooth dessert.

Now I know.

So I posted a query to my facebook friends if anyone had an ice cream maker I could borrow. I figured I'd test the waters to see if this made any difference before I even considered buying one of my own.

I wasn't hopeful as I fought with the contraption I'd borrowed. It looked nothing like the sleek model I'd scoped out at Superstore. I couldn't get the lid on. I couldn't get the spinner to turn. Test 2 wasn't looking hopeful. But despite the 30 year old machine with broken parts ... check out the frozen yogurt that came out of it 20 minutes later!

Yum! Someone tell superstore I'm coming for their ice cream maker!

 Better then Hagen Daas heaven.

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