Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Spirit

On Monday, Tim ditched work early and we joined the throngs in downtown Vancouver celebrating the Olympic Spirit. We also attended a curling match thanks to Britco and all their free tickets. Tim works for an official Olympic sponsor, a entitlement which carries with it certain benefits, ranging from barter worthy lapel pins to free tickets. We arranged sitting for our dear child who currently despises her stroller which she's waaaaaaaay to cool for now that she can "walk walk," which is exactly what she screams every time I wrestle her into her very nice buggy. "WALK WALK!" She didn't get invited to the Olympics.

As much as I enjoyed the crowds, and athletics, and neat street art and performers my favorite part of the day was the company. It's rare that we get to 'go out' together. The biggest treat of the day was just -- time.

I think we're going to start trying to get more of that. Time. Together. Okay, deal.


  1. my first post on your blog!! yah!!

    this sounds nice for you 2. and "walk, walk"??!! i love her.

  2. hey i didn't even have to help leah access your blog!

    I am jealous of your olympic fun, I overtake Mike's computer to look up results everyday!

  3. Glad you got to enjoy some time together. Although I certainly don't enjoy Tim's face at the moment. Can't even shave for a date, Tim? Gross. At least the first picture proves you had the decency not to wear sweat pants.

    Do you like that I use your blog to insult my brother?

  4. Yes, actually. I do love it. I'm also strangely digging the beard. He looks so...grown up with it on.

    I HATE sweatpants though. Hate em. And he'd totally try to get away with it too.

  5. Like I would wear sweatpants to Vancouver, maybe Adidas tearaways, but not sweatpants. And Liz, last picture I saw of you, it didn't look like you shaved either.

  6. I've missed this brother-sister ranting. Keep it up you two... its highly entertaining :)

    Glad you guys got a day out! Sounds delightful.

  7. so nice that you got to go just the two of you - i'm with you, it's rare to get that time and it's so fantastic. the weather wasn't too shabby either, hey? :)


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