Monday, August 2, 2010

Meal Plan

I already know I'll have a busy week being that I'm helping at VBS.  I've simplified by using pre-fab'ed marinades and dressings.  But the bread?  I'm still planning on fitting that in fresh.  It's getting better all the time.   

Monday:  Bella Bruschetta Salad with toasted baugette
Tuesday:  BBQ chicken marinaded in salad dressing, fresh corn and bbq'd veggies.  Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream for dessert. 
Wednesady:  Beach BBQ with the Harders! 
Thursday:  BBQ Salmon, Wild rice, BBQ aspargus
Friday:  Pizza Bread  (I use pizza filling in this recipe)
Sat:   BBQ pork fajita (Tenderloin on BBQ, saute'd onions and peppers, fajita fixings), ceasar salad

I have close to billion bananas in my freezer so I'm planning to make a double batch of banana bread.  One for me, one for my freezer and 2 for my baby bearing neighbors. 

Being that my meal plan is built around food I have in the freezer and pantry, my grocery list for the week literally has 7 items on it.  That's efficient and cost effective grocery shopping!   (I should probably go to Superstore and spend all my extra time and money in the clothing department...)


  1. Love the new (??) blog! I didn't know about it until this second. I'm so lame. I pretty much have been to busy since may to blog, or read a blog, but I'm back! I need to do this! I had a rule to make something new once a week. That always lasts for about 2-3 weeks. Then I go back to mexican (all kinds of random variations), and italain, mainly spaghetti. I need your recipes. That pulled pork we had at your place was AMAZING, and it's inspired me to ask for a crock pot for my b-day (no, we didn't get a million crock pots for wedding gifts, we got a million mugs)

  2. by "i need to do this" I meant make a meal board, not read this blog :) heehee.


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