Tuesday, June 15, 2010


On Sunday afternoon we "hiked" up bridal falls. 

When Magdelyn saw the water she screamed 'turtle!'  (See, she's looking for them) But alas, there were no turtles.  I explained that the water was moving too fast for the turtles and that they'd all been washed to the duck park.  She then insisted we immediately go and find them (she started to truck down the hill saying duck park). I told her we'd go 'tomorrow' (she doesn't really understand tomorrow does she?).  Duck park were her first words on Monday morning.  Apparently she does understand tomorrow.    So off to the duck park we headed to find turtles.   

And turtles we found. 

And after all the hoopla about the turtles she was annoyed with me for dragging her over to see them (notice in the picture above she's refusing to look at them).  She was much more interested in chasing the hissing
Canadian Geese.

And, Tim would like me to mention that he was an integral part of the Bridal Falls adventure.  Integral.  Absolutely. 

The end.


  1. I can vouch for Tim...I saw him in action.

    Where is this duck park...with turtles and geese?

  2. yes heidi, WHERE is this place with turtle??

    SO cute.

  3. Pictures of her melt my heart every time. Less than two weeks!

  4. Duck Park with Turtles and mean canadian geese = Sardis Park.

    The turtles consistently sunbath on the same rock. There are also turtles at the library duck park. Jen ... aren't there turtles at mill lake? I think every stagnant water park in chilliwack has turtles.


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