Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our churcherecently shouted out a request for host families to put up members of African Childrens Choir.  What a perfect excuse to iron my sheets!  So I shouted back "I'll take them!"  And thus, I shared my home for one too short night with Ivy, Deborah and Faith all of whom Magdelyn quickly began calling "Nena."    

As an experienced billet (I've accumulated months worth of nights spent in random strangers homes) I know what makes a billeting experience stand out.

1.  A clean house
2.  Normal food (avoid casseroles)
3.  No socializing pressure

And so - I scrubbed my tubs and floors.  Washed and ironed my sheets (twice since Tim crawled into the freshend spare bed for a nap) and planned a kid friendly meal plus a trip to the park.  Magdelyn, as usual, was thrilled with company.  I suspect she'll be a hostess with the mostess herself one day. 

This is Ivy, who in particular had a special way with Magdelyn.


  1. I loooooove that last picture. It'll be special to look back on.
    Magdelyn will make a wonderful hostess with the mostess someday. Her house will be S.P.O.T.L.E.S.S. :)

  2. yeah, there are certain to be zero 'yuckies' around her house...or on her hands...or clothes.

    What a turkey.

  3. She may sleep like her dad. But Tim is always full of yuckies.


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