Monday, June 21, 2010

diy antiperspirant

why ... why ... would I make my own deodorant?  Refer to points #1,2,3 and 4 of my "do it yourself?" page for reasons. 

Who hasn't at some point felt uncomfortable with the aluminum compound put into antiperspirants that works to reduce the production of sweat (not just mask the smell like deodorant).  Any number of natural medicine sites suspects a link between this, I-just-won't-live-without-it part of my hygiene routine, and breast cancer/Alzheimer's/general underarm irritation.  What doesn't cause those things?  I don't know.  But I'll risk it rather than be the smelly girl.  I don't want to be that kid. 

Everyone knows deodorant doesn't mask anything, unless you happen to be born blissfully free of eccrine glands.  Even less likely to work than deodorant?  Natural deodorant. 

and who's ever heard of a natural antiperspirant?  I HAVE!!! 

So here's the scoop.  I haven't perfected the 'scent' part yet, but I have tested this recipe on my prone to dampness pits and it works!  I've even insisted hubby put his nose into my underarm and he gave me the stamp of approval.  So here it is:

Into a small sealable container mix:
1tbsp baking soda
6tbsp corn starch

apply to clean armpits with a powder brush.  Next spray on scent of your choice.  I've been using an old body spray over this, but I'm working on perfecting my own scented recipe.  I like that it doesn't smell like deodorant.  It just smells like whatever I want it to.  The only catch is that your pits need to be clean which is problematic on those (numerous) days I'm too lazy to shower.  On day two I use baby wipes before powdering up (if I have it I even splash on moisturizing rose water toner before I move ahead- recipe forthcoming).  It's just not strong enough to cover up a couple days worth of stink. 

It held up during all regular activities and even worked pretty well on a heart rate raising walk.  The only miss was under a polyester shirt all day -- but what deodorant works under polyester.   So that's my diy for the day. 


  1. yah!! i've been waiting for this! if i can ever find some corn starch out here. i'll let you know how it goes..

    what about mixing in some classic baby powder for scent? right now i just put a dab of lavender essential oil over my crystal rock deo. its nice. but i guess that wouldnt work so well with powder...

    loving your little diy's. youre such a homemaker ;)

  2. I can't believe they're still putting such harsh chemicals on products we actually use on our skin. I've since switched over to a natural deodorant. When I first heard of this I was mortified that someone would let this issue continue, I'm glad some people are fighting this.


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