Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yesturday, she had a nearly perfect day. I set the sprinkler up to water our yard and she made a bee line for it. Neither the water nor the weather was warm, but I wasn't about to discourage her first (fully clothed) sprinkler run. Priceless. Kid loves water. If only Tim had charged the video camera.

Later that evening she figured out that she could JUMP. Both feet off the ground leaps around the TV room. She was up hyperactively late. Which was fine, thanks to her 4 hour nap that afternoon.

Since it's been sunny, she's been going out onto the patio independently. This morning she came in from the deck holding her superman ball saying, "Opa throw ball." Thinking she was making a request I apologetically offered the explanation, "Sorry honey, Opa isn't outside yet." She turned around and ran back out. I followed with my coffee and heard Opa call out "Morning, I just tossed her up her ball."

She informs me of things now.

It reminded me of the day when she silently trudged up the stairs to find me. I was in my ensuite. She came into the room and said, "Daddy." I knew she was 'telling' me something so I walked out to the landing and called out to him to see what had happened. Incredulously, he responded "She went all the way upstairs to tell on me??!"

He had told her not to touch his thermos as it was hot, and wordlessly she'd gone up the stairs and found me to tattle. Daddy - had - said - no. It's not so astounding that she'd tattled. That's regular. But that she'd gone to such an effort to do so - and remembered the offense the whole way up the stairs was the baffling part.

What a turkey.


  1. I love her! We cannot wait to get out there. And it is coming FAST!


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