Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terrifying Developmental Milestones

1. She figured out that she can open any door in the house. This includes: the pantry door, the bathroom door, the door leading to the basement ...

Let me lay out the problem here: I have a glass shower. In the mornings I bring her toys to the bathroom, shut the door and hop in the shower. She ignores her toys completely and empties out my cupboards. It's fine. She safely plays with my tampons and I get my hair washed while I keeping an eye on her. Today, I shut the door and she opened it. I shut it again, and she opened it again. I jammed it with a towel and she screamed while I got myself undressed. She was eventually distracted by the tampons, and we were good.

At the end of the shower she watched me carefully as I unjammed the towel from under the door and opened it. I've got maybe 2 showers before she figures that out. Frick.

2. Remembering to close the toilet lid was previously a sufficient deterrent from random things being tossed into it. Yesterday she figured out that she can lift the lid herself. She quickly threw her plush ball into the bowl while she saw me coming (I love the swift hand pull back of a toddler who knows their in the wrong). Aside from toilet locks, and I give up on the application of locks, I'll just have to teach her that this is not allowed.

I've learned that it takes about 3 firm and consistent NO'S for her to learn a boundary. I suspect at least 2 more things will be sacrificed to the toilet bowl while this lesson is learned. I'm praying it's not our remote control or portable phone (one of which has already been sacrificed to the cup of water on my nightstand).

3. And finally; she got up onto the couch on her own this morning. We've hit the climbing (and falling) stage with full force.


  1. oh no, it begins, hey? I imagine that she'll be reminding you every day of something you forgot to keep out of her reach, right? But I think you're onto something - teaching the boundaries might be harder at first, but better overall...? I'm no mom, so I can't really comment. But I remember our neighbour was terrified her daughter was going to fall down the outside stairs (they couldn't put up a gate for her either). So, another neighbour mentioned that she teach her daughter to climb and descend the stairs herself, so she wouldn't fall. Worked a charm.

  2. catching up on your blog!! it wasnt coming across on my feed for some reason..hmmm.. i love this photo of her! the jammies, the mag, and the face!! ha! perfect.


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