Saturday, March 27, 2010

So fast.

Her vocabulary is one of her strong suits, but today was one of those days where I just shook my head. Wasn't she just born? How can she be talking to me?

She ran around the house tonight with her stuffed puppies saying "I run with dogs!"

Today Kris and Lisa came over with 4mo old Micah in a carseat, she ran to greet them, pointed at the seat and said "Baby in there!"

In the last week or so she started telling me "I got poopies."

I regularly hear "I want momma" or even "I need momma." "I need it" in general is one of her favorite phrases, along with "go outside", "rocking chair" and "I sit here" (in reference to couch, window seat, stairwell, highchair, rocking chair etc.)

In amongst all the things that I can understand (and it's garbled for sure, but if you know Magdelyn talk you can clearly catch it) is an almost unending stream of gibberish. The other day she found a (closed) nail polish bottle and I watched as she gently held her foot and touched the bottle to her toes. WHAT? When has she ever seen that? Honestly, it's creepy how spongy kids are.

She's 18months old tomorrow. Happy half birthday baby girl.

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