Friday, March 12, 2010

Next in the series of silly outfits:

This is her newest favorite.

She roots through the bib drawer to find THIS one, attempts to get it on herself and in frustration finally brings it to me, then wears it around the house for hours at a time. Repeat daily. I suspect my future will be full of interesting negotations regarding what she's allowed to wear out of the house.

Opinions. She. is. full. of. them.


  1. CUTE!
    and when did she get SO big?

  2. is that the one kath made?

    and when did she grow *actual* hair??

  3. Yep, I swear she is drawn to things that have love attached to them. Like the blanket she picked, and this bib. It's like SHE KNOWS that they're special.

  4. she's just ahead of the trends, next year this time everyone will be wearing one...In the future I will take all of my fashion tips from her

  5. yes shereen, if your really committed to following her lead you should be coming home from india in a chicken suit.

  6. Aw, cute! Glad she likes it :) So are you guys also saying that brown velour track suits are also all the rage (please tell me she still wears that too!)


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