Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Callie's visit

Callie came over last week so her mom, Bonnie, could get her beautiful curly hair trimmed. Callie was an angel.

Magdelyn, well, she was good while they watched a video after which she 'struggled' with sharing.

Magdelyn might be 1 of the 2 children in the world to not have taken a shining "Sophie the Giraffe". But Callie liked it, and all of a sudden, Magdelyn just had to snuggle it.

Callie downed as many Baby Mum Mums as I would give her. Baby Mum Mums. Long before I ever had kids, Jen Janzen had Everet. Everet introduced me to Baby Mum Mums. I watched him one day while Jen was in a wedding and he ran around chowing down these weird rice crackers and it was just so cute I imagined having my own mum mum eating baby one day. Really. I it crossed my mind. I'd see mum mums in the grocery store and think "oh, one day..."

Magdelyn, of course, has refused to eat Baby Mum Mums. UNTIL Callie liked them! Here's how it went:

Okay, this can't be so bad.

Oh, actually it makes me want to puke.

No thanks, I changed my mind.


  1. The gag picture made me laugh out loud! Thanks again for watching her. I love these pictures & Callie VERY MUCH loves you! :)

  2. i'm impressed you caught the gag face :)

  3. That was the best post EVER. :)

  4. Too funny! She is a such a little stinker... and i LOVE it!

  5. What a fun post! You have a beautiful and spunky little one!


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