Thursday, February 4, 2010

is there such a thing as done?

I just spent a good amount of time sweeping my driveway. A neighbor drove by and waved at me. Probably thinking what a conscientious addition to the neighborhood we are. Probably thinking how he needs to sweep his driveway so that he can keep up with us.

We need to take our christmas lights down.

Is sweeping the driveway normal? As a kid I'd get sent outside to sweep our mile long farm yard driveway, so it stands to reason that a little piece of cement in the suburbs should be kept clean. Something in my world gets set right when stray bark mulch gets sent back to it's bed. A nearly pebble free driveway makes me feel like I'm ready for company. Stop by! I'm totally ready for you - to ... park. And even though no one is coming over today, so much less gravel will get tracked into the house. And I got to cross it off my list.

It's not normal is it?

While making my front entry a tidy place, I noticed how the driveway next to us is all new and shiny white which made me want to not only sweep but also power wash. My neighbor would probably be even more impressed if he saw me power washing. Why does one task always lead to another? Completion is such a fleeting feeling.

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  1. You make me laugh. Hysterically. Just one more reason I love ya. :)


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