Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My dear child was a chicken for Halloween. We practiced the 'bok bok' and she performed flawlessly. As per tradition, our trick or treating home base was Kris and Lisa's (my brother and sil). Magdelyn wasn't quite ready to knock on doors but she was thrilled to go along for the ride.

She also welcomed other creatures into her wagon when they got tired. This is Oct 31st.

2 weeks ago she found her costume in her closet. Since then she's brought it to both me and her daddy and insisted we put it on her. One day she KNEW we were going out and was FURIOUS I wouldn't put her in the chicken suit. (Honestly, if she were 3 I may have let her, but who would believe that my 15 month old INSISTED she wear a chicken suit). Tonight I indulged and put it on over her kitty jammies. She meow'd and bok'd in sequence. Meow, meow, bok. Meow, bok bok. She was pleased to be wearing both sounds. This is Jan 2nd.

My favorite part is that this is the first time she's gotten the camera smile down. Up until this point she's opened her mouth wide for the camera, but I captured her very first cheese -- in a chicken suit. Perfect.


  1. Oh Heidi! What a DOLL! I love the chicken suit. Mae is so adorable. I just want to squeeze her! That is such a gorgeous smile too. Hey, can you email me a few full sized jpg's so I can print something off, and display her cuteness to anyone who will look? I agree about the 3 year old vs the 15month old chicken suit issue. I think if I have a child who insists on chicken suits, they first need to be of an age where it seems likely that they might want to choose their own clothes. Ha. Otherwise you could be labeled as cruel.

  2. She's so cute I can't even handle it!
    Can we please just go on this cruise already?

  3. I'm pretty sure you have to be kidding me!?! :) I honestly laughed out loud at the cuteness in this post. Gees, I love your kid. She is endlessly entertaining & SOOO cute.


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